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August 2016, № 8 (196)

Prosvirkina I.I., Yakhno M.D. TECHNIQUE OF WORK WITH THE MODERN POLITICAL TEXTS ON LESSONS WITH FOREIGNERSIn this article the authors dissertate about the importance of teaching materials, in particular text, in the classroom reading instruction with foreign students. It is important that the article attempts to determine the criteria of «usefulness» and the importance of a text that could serve as didactic material. On the basis of the criteria put forward by the authors conclude that in the classroom with foreigners must be entered as a didactic material modern political text (for example, the texts of the weekly newspaper «Arguments and Facts»). Based on the analysis of political texts the authors proposed a method of work in the classroom with reading foreign-language students, which is designed for students who have reached a basic level certification (TBU), the first certification level (TRKI-1) above. In this article is also proposed a methodology of work with political texts at training student to read. The idea of this method is concluded in phased analysis: firstly, in a system of questions that detect understanding of key positions in the text; ascertaining the meaning of paragraphs for a supply of students and to the definition of the main ideas of the text; secondly, in making reach students'' speech based on semantic links words in each particular context. The technique is designed for use among foreign language speaking students who have reached a basic level certification (TBU), the first certification level (TRKI-1) and above. The authors believe that the developed method predtekstovoy work for classroom reading will be able to expand students' knowledge, to increase the level of knowledge in Russian language.


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Authors: Yahno M.D., Prosvirkina I.I.

Year: 2016

Zhanna Anatolievna

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