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2015, № 12 (187)

Fokin V.P., Kuznetsova O.S. RESULTS OF APPLICATION OF OVAL RINGS AT OPERATIONS LAZIKExplore the possibilities and characteristics of the metal reusable vacuum ring with an oval hole for fixing when LASIK. The results of 426 LASIK with using metal reusable vacuum rings with an oval hole were analyzed. Excimer correction was performed by using excimer laser SCHWIND AMARIS (Germany). Metal reusable vacuum ring with an oval hole is well fixed on the eyes of patients with different diameter of the cornea. In 10 % of cases pointed cutting edge vascular network of the cornea, more pronounced in the upper part, especially in patients long-term use of contact lens. Metal reusable vacuum rings with an oval hole for fixing are easy-to-use and they allow to minimize trauma of marginal glomerulal vasculature, when horizontal corneal diameter ≥ 10,5 mm. The nomogram to determine the amount of corneal flap legs optimal size. Recommended manufacture and use of the ring to "0" for the operations in the flat corneas to generate corneal grafts larger diameter.Key words: LASIK, vacuum ring, the corneal flap, mechanical longitudinal microkeratome.


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Authors: Fokin V.P., Kuznetsova O.S.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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