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2015, №12(187)

Kuznetsova O.S., Fokin V.P. THE ANALYSIS OF RESULTS OF EKSIMERLAZERNY SURGERY AFTER APPLICATION THE ORTOKERATOLOGICHESKIKH OF CONTACT LENSESAnalysis of results of LASIK patients who applied to the operation orthokeratology lens. The results of LASIK in 50patients (100eyes). In the first group there were 20patients (40eyes) which are used to LASIK orthokeratology lenses (CPR). Experience carrying 6 months up to 1.5years. Patients using hard contact lenses reverse geometry "Emerald" company "Euclid Systems Corporation" (USA) of gas permeable material Opticon A with a range from –1.0 to –5,5Dptr refraction and indicators ophthalmometres from 41.0 to 45.5diopters. The second group consisted of 30patients (60eyes), which had LASIK surgery was used only spectacle correction (control group). The average thickness of the corneal flap was (118.2±4.3)mm. After 1week after LASIK in the first group SE averaged (0.35±0.26)diopters, 1month— (0.4±0.18)diopters, 6months— (0.4±0.12)diopters. After 1week of ELS in the second group SE was equal to— (0.47±0.21)diopters, 1month— (0.41±0.13)diopters, 6months— (0.35±0.12)diopters. BCVA at all follow-up of both study groups was1.0. Use of OKL in patients with myopic refraction does not adversely affect the course of LASIK surgery and has no effect on the results of excimer laser surgery.Key words: orthokeratology lenses, night lenses, LASIK, refraction, myopia.


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Authors: Kuznetsova O.S., Fokin V.P.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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