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June2015, №6(181)

Lebedev S., Osipov E., Salnikova E. CHANGING THE QUANTITY OF ELEMENTS IN WHEAT TRITICUM VULGARE VILL. BY DIFFERENT FORMS OF IRON WITH HUMIC ACIDThere is the prospect of using nanoiron as plant growth stimulants. Literature data on the effects of fine particles of iron on the elemental composition of plant species TriticumvulgareVill (soft wheat) inadequate, moreover, virtually no study the interaction of these particles with natural sorbents— humic acids, which control the bioavailability and transport elements in natural objects. Therefore, this article examines the change of elemental composition plants TriticumvulgareVill under the influence of the spherical iron nanoparticles Fe0 (diameter of 80nm ± 5nm) and nanoparticles of magnetite Fe3O4 (50—80nm in width and a height of 4—10nm), as well as solutions of iron sulfate (II) sulfate and iron (III) in the presence of humic acids. It was revealed that the potassium content under the influence of nanoparticles and ionic forms is about on par with the control. However, the shortage of nutrients for 21days the amount of potassium is increased by 25% (22393mkg ± 4479mkg/g) under the action of magnetite in an amount of 0.01g/l of iron and 20% (21738mkg/g ± 4348mkg/g) under action of nanoparticles of iron in an amount of 0.0001g/l as compared to controls (17752mkg/g ± 3550mkg/g). Nanoparticles of Fe0 iron on day21 reduces the amount of magnesium at concentrations of 0.1 and 0.01g/l at 27% and 12%, respectively, at a concentration of 0.001g/l magnesium content is on par with the control (2957mkg/g ± 443mkg/g) and at a concentration of 0.0001g/L of this element increases the amount of 10% (3266mkg/g ± 490mkg/g). Under the influence of all forms of iron and phosphorus concentration varies similarly control experiments and is 4967mkg/g ± 993mkg/g, 7154mkg/g ± 1431mkg/g, 9943mkg/g ± 1989mkg/g at 7, 14 and 21respectively. Thus, nano forms of iron can be used to enhance the stability of wheat TriticumvulgareVill on depleted soils in a lack of nutrients.Key words: iron, lead, cadmium, arsenic, nanoparticles, humic acids, wheat.


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Authors: Lebedev S.V., Osipova E.A., Salnikova E.V.

Year: 2015

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