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April 2018, № 4 (216), pages 84-94

Torshina A.V., Allagulov A.M. THE CONTENT OF THE CLUB ACTIVITIES OF THE ORENBURG REGION ADOLESCENS IN 1931–1958The article contains the results of scientific research on actual problem of the content of the club activities of the adolescents in Orenburg region in 1931–1958. In the modern conditions the study of the historical practices allows to strengthen socializing, communicative, cultural, compensatory. Pedagogies is also needed in the knowledge about the actualization of the educational potential of the club activities of the adolescents.
The article present the study of the research (search and analytical, theoretical and analytical, total) and methods at each stage (analysis of legal and regulatory acts, generalization of philosophical and pedagogical concepts, monographic study of the pedagogical experience of the organization of the club activities, the study of archival material, generalization and systematization of the obtained data). The stages of the club activities are dedicated (1931–1940 — pre war, 1941–1945 — war, 1946–1958 — post war) and so the content of the activities on each stage.
As the main conclusions of the research work can be identified the following. Through the period under review the club activities contributed to the formation of the personal qualities of adolescents. But first of all the qualities of the personality were in demand by the historical time. From 1931 to 1940 the qualities of personality of the field of artistic and technical creativity. Daring the war — strong willed qualities — persistent, perseverance of purpose, fidelity to duty and the Motherland, diligence. In 1946–1958 — personal and professional self-determination. Emphasizes that some traditions of 1931–1958 can be traced to the activities of the modern club associations. This conclusion is confirmed by the analysis of the modern normative documents.
The study of the historical experience of the regional system of the club activities of adolescents allows you to comprehend and adopt critically all the most advanced for the further system of the additional education.
Key words: club activities of adolescents, Orenburg region, stages, content, personal qualities.


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Authors: Torshina A.V., Allagulov A.M.

Year: 2018

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-216-84

Zhanna Anatolievna

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