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January 2018, № 1 (213)

Nurakhmetov S.T.
The professional and personal formation of an officer is a process that covers a long period of life of a military specialist, in which three key stages can be identified: professional and psychological selection, training and education in a military higher educational institution and professional activities. The current level of development of higher military education requires close attention to the professional and personal formation of a future officer. At the same time, the professional and personal formation of future officers should be regarded as a process of progressive personality changes provided by military education, interpersonal interaction of its subjects, and the conditions of military and professional activities of cadets. As a part of the solution of the task of professional and personal formation of a future officer, a special attention should be given to the pedagogical support for the development of the personality in the educational process of a military higher educational institution. In the framework of our research, we offer a pedagogical support for the professional and personal formation of a future officer, designed in the educational process of the military higher educational institution as mastering with military and professional experience, which is integrated with the sociocultural values and values of professional-military training. The following provisions are conceptual for the research: the professional and personal formation of future officers is a leading function of a military higher educational institution integrating many other functions; the most important mechanisms of professional and personal formation of future officers are: interiorization as a process of mastering with the values of the military profession; identification as a process of professional self-determination in the military professional community; reflation as a means of internal acceptance of the military’s social position; professional and personal formation is one of the aspects of the sociocultural development of the personality of a future officer, familiarizing it with the cultural values of society. To the basic structural elements of the complex pedagogical support that contributes to the changes in the personality of a future officer, his professional socialization, we attribute: goal-setting as a rationale for the goals and objectives of military education; structural-content component as the correlation of the strategic goal with the stages, directions and content of educational work, presented in the form of blocks and modules; technological component as a system of used methods, ways and means of education; a pedagogical component as a set of requirements for a modern military teacher, to his personal and professional qualities.
Key words: professional and personal formation of an officer, educational process of a military higher educational institution, pedagogical support, pedagogical conditions, pedagogical activities.


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Authors: Nurakhmetov S.T.
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Zhanna Anatolievna

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