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November 2017, № 12 (212), pages 115–116

Popova M.V., Kotova E.N. ECOLOGY OF LIVING QUARTERS IN THE ASPECT OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF ALLERGIC RHINITISAllergic rhinitis is a widespread disease, which according to the decision of the World Health Organization, is an indicator of the health of the population. Researches were conducted in the period from 2013–2015, evaluated the disease of children aged 0–13 years. The development of allergic rhinitis depends on the basic parameters of the room in which the child spends most of the day. With an average air temperature of 23 °C and a humidity of 60 %, the number of children with developed allergic rhinitis is 9 %, while with air humidity below 40 % and its temperature above 27 °C, the number of sick children grows in many times. Allergy remains one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine. According to who,' the prevalence of allergic diseases, occupying 3rd place after cardiovascular and oncological diseases during the last decade has increased and has no tendency to decrease. An important reason for this is that most of the factors' causing allergic reactions, and also non-allergenic factors contributing to development of allergies are related to our way of life, nutrition, micro-ecology of residential premises, the conditions of professional activity. The data obtained showed a direct dependence on otolaryngological diseases on such room parameters as temperature and humidity. Observance of recommended parameters for all other types of allergic rhinitis.Key words: rhinitis, allergy, ecology of living quarters, air humidity.


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Authors: Popova M.V., Kotova E.N.

Year: 2017

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-212-115

Zhanna Anatolievna

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