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Humanitarian sciences

Gerasimova E. A. HARMONIOUS LOW RELATIONS AS REASONABLE BALANCE OF RIGHTS AND DUTIES. Problem of achieving unity world association is examined in the article. Not only person's rights and freedom are in the base of integrational processes but it's duties together with mutual coordination, provision and realization. It goes from international-legal documents and foreign state Constitution analysis.
Voronin V. V. INSTITUTE DEVELOPING PHASES OF PRIVATE ACCUSATION IN RUSSIA. Process of institute private accusation formation in Russia is discovered in the article. Main phases and peculiarities of every of them are brought out, and it is determined that main difference of each phase is in the discrimination degree of private persons' rights suffered of crimes.
Poljakov A. N. LAND DEBATES BETWEEN URAL AND ILETSK COSSACKS (XVIII - XIX CENT. ). The question of Ural and Iletsk Cossacks' debates on the base of land lot between Irtek and kindely rivers is examined in the article for the first time.
Moskvin V.A., Moskvina N.V. NEUROPEDAGOGICS AS APPLIED PEDAGOGICAL DIRECTION AND DIFFERENTIAL PSYCHOLOGY. Authors analyze new direction in science - neuropedagogics, that appeared on the border of pedagogics and differential psychology. Neuropedagogics can be reffered to special pedagogical directions, that take into account not only frontier pathology but the norm discounting functional brain asymmetry. Question of necessary special courses working-out and introduction on the neuropedagogics for teachers and future pedagogues is placed now.
Prilutskaya O. A. SOCIAL TENSION: ORIGINAL REASONS AND MANIFESTATIONAL FORMS. The article examines the social tension problem, from the psychological point of view, as a mass psychic condition which manifests in a specific behaviour, relationships and actions. Original reasons and manifestational forms are also described in the article.
Erunov V. P., Morcovin I. I. EDUCATIONAL PROCESS'S AUTOMATION AND OPTIMIZATION PLANNING IN A HIGHER EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT. The article describes the technology of educational process's optimum planning in a Higher Educational Establishment, which includes automatized forming of nominal curriculum, automatized calculation and educational work planning and automatized forming of optimum studies timetable in a Higher Educational Establishment.
Pastuhov D. I., Pastuhova E. D. METHODS FORMING STUDENTS COGNITIVE AND INDEPENDENT ACTIVITY. The article examines ways, forms and methods and also the recommendations to a teacher working over the activization of students cognitive and independent activity. These methods have been applied and tested during the last 6 years. During the last 3 years they have been realized as a complex.

Economic sciences

Yvarov A. A. CONSUMERS' MARNET OF BAKERY GOODS STUDYING IN ORENBURG. The article scrutinizes questioning results in consumers' bakery goods studying in Orenburg. Research materials allow to form the optimum range structure on the bakery industry enterprises.

Natural sciences

Rusanov A.M., Novozhenin I.A., Milyakova E.A., Tyurin A.N. CONCEPTUAL, APPLIED AND PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF SOILS AND AGROLANDSCAPES PLOUGHING FITNESS THEORY. The article provides the analysis of the ploughing effect on homeostasis of soil biogeocoenosis. The necessity of long-term ploughing field productivity and soil ecological functions in biosphere is quite obvious, hence the authors prove the necessity of agrulandscape differentiation according to the degree of plouqhinq fitness as the major factor of agricultural nature use optimization. The criteria of such division are shown. Regional soil and lands cape division into the plouqhinq fitness categories was carried out according to thesoil-economic conditions the Orenburg region territory.
Letuta S.N., Nikiyan A.N., Davidova O.K. RODOMINE STAINS AND DNA INTERACTION. The article deals with the investigation of rodamine stains and DNA interaction by means of spectrophotometric methods and probe scanning microscopy. If was shown that rodamines interact with macromolecules by cooperative fixation with the external past of polymeric chain. As a result organic nanostructures (supramolecular systems) are formed on the polymer surface. The stain molecule quantify is estimated. The distribution of generated structures along the double DNA spiral and their fusion in larger conglomerates are investigated. The authors draw a conclusion about double spiral screening by means of stains and the nucleinic acids inactivation resulting in violations of their biological functions.
Kucherenko M. G., Krivolapov V. V. NEW METHODS OF OPTIC INFORMATION CHANNELS COMMUTATION ON THE BASIS OF DYNAMIC HOLOGRAPHIC GRATINGS. The authors examine new methods of optic information channels commutation using a renewing holographic grating as a principal element. For this purpose the authors suggest to use non-stationary holograms, registered on triplet-activated molecules of organic compounds. The article provides the analysis of the possibilities to control the particular parameters of such holograms by means of laser and also the grating records on the singlet activated molecules and spatial-temporal dynamics effects of non-stationary carriers.
Nevostruev L.M., Ivashkina G.A. DARBU WEIGHT PROBLEM FOR ONE EQUATION WITH PARAMETERS. Performed investigations help to determine fitness criterion of region boundary, traditionally used as regional condition carriers is determined depending on the eguation coefficients. Form of regional conditions. This is either the value of unknown answer or the value of its "oblique" derivative or their different combinations given in local or non-local forms with some more "weight".

Technical sciences

Bondarenko V. A., Fot S. A. ABOUT GAS CONDENSATE COMBUSTIBLE IN DIESEL MOTOR ENGINES USE. In the article the references data analysis on different fuel use in diesel motor engines is reduced, which has allowed to draw a conclusion on an opportunity of gaseous condensates use from series of CIS countries fields in engine fuel for diesel motor engines production.
Rassoha V. I., Rassoha E. N. MOTOR TRANSPORT: INTERCOUPLING OF BRANCH STRUCTURAL VARIATIONS AND SPECIALISTS WITH HIGHER EDUCATION TRAINING. Intercoupling between countrie's motor transport as a branch development and specialists with higher education training is studied. The forecasts of a new speciality "Service" formation and its specifity, combining basic engineering knowledge and manager's training are analysed.
Romashov R. B., Schipachev A. M., Baryshov S. N. ENDURANCE STRENGTH DEFINITION IN MODIFIED SURFACE LAYER VIEW. The opportunity of endurance strength definition by a design way for metal materials parts is esteemed. The Surface depth allocation of surface layer parameters after technological treating is allowed: hardness, technological residual stress, surface roughnesses.
Polyakov A. N. STOCHASTIC CALORIFIC RADIANT IN THE PERSISTENT HYDRODYNAMIC BEARING BOX WITH FIXED SEGMENTS. The stochastic calorific sample piece of the persistent hydrodynamic bearing box with fixed segments is introduced. The model adequacy is affirmed by experimental studies of a horixontalgrinder.
Kijanov I. M. SYSTEMS OF BUILDING MECHANICS WITH CONSTANT EFFORTS IN SUPERFLUOUS CONNECTIONS. There is a development in the article, the formula of which is: "if the efforts in the superfluous connections of the building mechanics systems are preserved constantly in the temperature and others transferences, then the systems have optimum parameters of the geometry corresponding to the superfluous connections and don't depend on the degree of the preliminary tension and the load.
Makaeva A.A., Shevtsova T.I. THE USAGE OF THE CONCRETE WASTE FOR THE SECOND TIME. It is considered a question about possible utilization of the concrete and ferro-concrete goods, the main trends of the usage the products of crush for the second time. The usage of broken bricks secondaly with heavy concrete reduces its cost price considerably. It is possible to use small fraction as a silica component in the cell's concretes. There are shown the results of the experiments and its analyses in the article.
Vasilev A. P. THE CALCULATION OF THE NON STABILIZED CURRENT OF THE LAMINARIUM STREAM IN THE ROUND CYLINDRICAL PIPE. The current of the stabilized part in the round cylindrical pipe is considered with the help of methods of laminar border layer. The information about the main parameters of the current is taken with the help of the decision of the defferential calculus. There are the calculated correlations for the initial and waste of pressure; it is calculated the Koriolis's coefficient on the initial layer of the current. There are the results of the experiment.
Drozdova E. A., Popov V. P., Ziniukhin G. B., Kasperovich V. L. THE PROBLEM OF THE RATIONAL USAGE OF THE RAW MATERIALS FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THE DAIRY-FARM AND GRAIN-PROCESSIN INDUSTRY. This article considers the opportunity for the usage of the co-extru process of the wheaten bran and milky whey with the purpose of the utilization of the waste. All these will allow to reduce the harmful influence on the environment, improve the ecological situation and also give the opportunity for the wide usage of the given extrudats from the food-stuffs up to the feeding-stuffs.
Korotkov V. G., Polischuk V. Y., Solovyh S. Y. KINEMATICS OF SPLITING OPERATION IN GRINDER WORKSPACE. This work is supposed to describe velocity distribution in a flow. It is discovered in grinder workspace on a base of semiempirical model of medium movement in chemical production mixeres.
Ivanova A.P., Vasiljeva M.A., Voronkov A.I., Pripadchev A.D., Mezhueva L.V. GEOMETRICAL MODELLING IN TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF MAKING HOMOGENEOUS FOOD MASS. Article deals with surfaces geometrical modelling. Research results on creating vibromixer working chamber and choosing optimal decision for making homogeneous mass are given. Premises on perspective surfaces which projecting decrease dead zones and increase useful space of vibrocontacts in 1, 5-2, 5 times are detected. New constructive decision was found due to geometrical modelling of vibrocontact surface.
Ahmetzhanova S. B. COMPETATIVE STRAGEDY ORGANIZING OF FOOD PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT IN KAZAKHSTAN. The present food production state in Kazakhstan during the economics reforming years and stragedy of it`s development are presented.

Science events

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