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July 2016, № 7 (195)

Kargapoltseva N.A., Kodyakova N.V FORMATION OF LEARNERS SOCIAL EXPERIENCE IN INTERCULTURAL EDUCATIONAL INTEGRATION In a situation of growing global integration the character of the socialization of the younger generation is changing significantly. The task of preparing a young man for a productive cultural, professional and personal interaction with the representatives of countries with different social traditions, social structures, language culture, and national identity is updating. High social mobility of the population and the increasing migration of large and small groups of different people's representatives lead to an increase in the number of inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts, inter alia, with the aspiration of ethnic and racial minorities to assert and develop the cultural identity, protect their rights, especially in multi-ethnic regions and countries. Therefore the assertion of value dominants of intercultural dialogue, the strengthening of subjectively significant trends, aspirations and attitudes for the formation of a maturing personality ‘multi-ethnic identity’, the optimization of potentially conflicting spheres of humanitarian pairing of common cultural and national-ethnic interests as the ideological basis for the formation of man's social experience of the XXI century are the main aims of modern education system. A significant role in this process goes to intercultural educational integration, which serves as the basic vector of open education development and allows enriching the interaction of education system with new meanings due to the proactive inclusion of learners together with public organizations and institutions of socio-cultural profile into ethno-national orientation and multicultural orientation projects.Key words: socialization of personality, social experience, educational environment, intercultural educational integration.


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Authors: Kodyakova N.V., Kargapoltseva N.A.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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