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February 2016, № 2 (190)

Sopin A.N. THE IMAGE OF THE TEACHER MANUAL LABOR AS A MATTER OF PEDAGOGICAL RESEARCHPedagogy as a science is considering a wide range of areas and ways of activities in the field of education and training of the younger generation. A special place is occupied by labor activity. In this area, it is written numerous scientific papers, conducted research and implemented in practice methods of labor education and training. Manual labor — a value, which currently do not want to own any adults or children, but the need is there. It is necessary to work with teachers as the professionals with their field, to create a positive image. It is difficult to relate positively and respectfully to untidy teacher. That appearance, demeanor, organized environment reflects the internal and professional component of the teacher. Conduct research on the topic, it became clear that students have a negative attitude toward manual labor and manual work. They do not want to work in the factories, all the manual labor is a charity and disrespect. Conduct surveys and interviews revealed that the majority of surveyed parents earn his hands. Analyzing the labor market with the pupils turned out that the working salary in most cases, higher wages of intellectual workers. These results are not influenced their attitude towards manual work. More importantly it proved their image as they look about them that will tell their friends. The research components of the image have been clarified and discussed, many of which are implemented in practice, and this work has yielded positive results. For teenagers dress, behavior, respect and recognition of the importance of earnings. It is with great pleasure working with the teacher, that looks neat and competently communicate. Such specialist allows inculcate respect for manual labor and manual creation, his own example to show the success of their activities and professions. The image is not the only method of formation of the valuable relation to manual labor and creativity, but one of the most fundamental in this process.Key words: education, manual work, the image of the manual labor teacher, communicative competence.


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Author: Sopin A.N.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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