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January 2016, № 1 (189)

Gamova N.A., Kulish N.V., Tomina I.P. PERSONAL INDEPENDENT WORK OF STUDENTS IN MATHEMATICSMulti-level training of students, as well as the individual style of educational activity of each of them all at the same time does not allow to go to a particular level of competence (information, mathematical, foreign language, etc.). It requires a special organization of independent work, the development of its methodological support in a tiered system of higher education. Based on work practices, we believe that the individual independent work will be more effective if students will work in groups of 2-3 students, which allows the direct result of the process of knowledge sharing, creates favorable conditions for their active personal involvement in the educational process. Students thus serve as members of the mutual control and mutual motivation as a factor, creative, communicative, socio-cultural activities, providing a significant increase in the effectiveness of the cognitive activity of each participant. Independent work university students in teaching mathematics should be improved, using a personally and professionally — oriented approach, the score-rating system, modern information technology, etc., that will determine the student's individual route to self-employment, improve the quality of his mathematical education. The presented theoretical and practical recommendations to make the individual independent work available for analysis and projected in academic and extracurricular activities.Key words: self-supporting students' education, developmental education, opportunities of self-supporting education while studying Mathematical analysis.


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Authors: Gamova N.A., Kulish N.V., Tomina I.P.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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