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November 2015, № 13 (188)

Sivokhip Z.T., Pavleychik V.M. THE SPATIAL ANALYSIS OF FACTORS OF TRANSFORMATION OF THE RIVER DRAIN IN THE CROSS-BORDER BASIN OF THE RIVER URALThe worldwide growing problems of water consumption makes it necessary to address them in the context of geo-political, socio-economic and environmental security of the regions. A considerable relevance of the problem priobre-melt water in water-scarce conditions and in regions with developed industrial and agricultural production. Within the Russian Federation, this combination is a characteristic of transboundary Ural River. The paper analyzes the natural conditions and human factors forming the river flow in the basin of the Ural River in terms of the development of the concept of integrated water resources management. Data on the spatial heterogeneity of the formation conditions of runoff caused by a combination of complex and vzaimouslovlennym zonal-climatic conditions, varied topography and landscape structure. Studies have revealed trends in the water regime of the rivers, expressed in the redistribution of water content on hydrological seasons, manifested in the reduction of the spring and increase the share of low flow, especially in the winter. The information about the most significant types of anthropogenic transformation of surface runoff, summarizes the parameters of the largest reservoirs. It is pointed out that the majority of dangerous hydrological situations observed in the basin of the Urals, provoked by human activities without regard to seasonal and long-term dynamics of channel processes. As an example, consider geo-ecological consequences of the construction of bridges and road embankments. The article states that the question of assessing the impact of flow regulation on a multi-year and annual transformation of the hydrological regime of watercourses Ural River basin remains controversial, and the findings of various researchers  — is not identical. Studies suggest that the transformation of the hydro-logical mode is defined as a geographical contrasts between the different parts of the river basin. Ural and anthropogenic factors. The results indicate the need for drawing up long-term forecasts in the development of water-ecological situation, but with a detailed assessment of the socio-economic and landscape-hydrological effects.Key words: transformation of a river drain, cross-border pool, regulation of a drain.


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Authors: Sivohip Zh.T., Pavleychik V.M.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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