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November 2015, № 13 (188)

Rusinov A.P., Kucherenko M.G. INFLUENCE OF SILVER NANOPARTICLES ON THE OPTICAL ABSORPTION SPECTRA OF ORGANIC DYES MOLECULES IN POLYMER SOLUTIONS AND MEMBRANESObjects and systems structured at the nanometer scale are of great interest among researchers due to the presence of their specific physical properties. Due to considerable experimental difficulties and limitations of theoretical approaches, the focus now is on study of relatively simple nano-objects for which there are suitable experimental methods, known methods of synthesis and physical models for theoretical description of their properties. As an example of such a system is considered colloidal solutions of metal nanoparticles and nanoparticles in polymer film. Influence of metal nanoparticles on molecular environment due to the presence of plasmon oscillations of electron gas density. This changes the interaction efficiency between nearby molecules with external electromagnetic field and the rate of photoinduced processes in this area. The influence of various concentrations of silver nanoparticles on absorption spectra of organic dyes molecules in water solutions and thin polyvinyl alcohol films is investigated. It is found that with increasing concentration of metal nanoparticles optical density of polymer solutions and films in the 380–450 nm band increases monotonically, as in the 490–570 nm band increases at low nanoparticles concentrations and decreases at higher nanoparticles concentrations. Maximum enhancement of the dye absorption is observed when at concentration nanoparticles near 10-9 M. Based on the model of influence metal nanoparticles on interaction of organic dye molecules with linearly polarized monochromatic electromagnetic field spatial orientation and frequency dependence of transition probabilities in dye molecule within nanoparticles is calculated. It is shown a qualitative agreement between the theoretical frequency dependences with the experimental results of concentration effect of silver nanoparticles on the absorption intensity of dye molecules in different spectral ranges.Key words: silver nanoparticle, organic dye, absorption spectrum, induced transitions.


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Authors: Rusinov A.P., Kucherenko M.G.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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