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November 2015, № 11 (186)

Mukhamedina E.Z. ORGANIZATIONAL AND PEDAGOGICAL CONDITIONS OF TRAINING MILITARY INSTRUCTORS FOR PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITYThe article is devoted to the problems of education quality enhancement in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard, which actualizes the problem of task-based organization of pedagogical training of military instructors on the basis of competence-based and subject-based approaches which predetermine training objectives and results. The existing compulsory pedagogical training of officers at military institutions of higher education is carried out mostly within the framework of the Programme "Young Teacher School". However this training programme represents only the initial stage of forming a military instructor and does not meet the requirements for the professional level of military instructors. The teaching staff of military institutions of higher education is reinforced with the officers who finished the course of graduate work at a military academy and those officers who have a sufficient practical professional experience but do not have profound knowledge in the sphere of psychology, education science, and methods of teaching academic courses. The multi-tier training of military teaching staff has required the application of the differential approach to designing the system on the basis of variability of pedagogically useful didactic provision, which helps take into account the factors influencing the formation of the basic structural elements of pedagogical activity. With this in mind, the author has designed the structural-functional model of preparing the teaching staff of military institutions of higher education for pedagogical activities. The article sheds light upon organizational and pedagogical conditions of preparing the teaching staff for pedagogical activities based on regarding the entity of teacher training as a specially organized pedagogical process which is oriented at acquiring professionally significant competences. Their realization promotes the formation of such professionally significant competences of an instructor as communicative, technological, regulatory, reflexive, and prognostic. The contents of training oriented towards forming professionally significant competences is carried out on the basis of the modular approach, which includes the courses aimed at forming the elements of professional competence. Their combination in a module depends on the initial characteristics of teaching experience. The modular approach also includes the differential approach in accordance with the peculiarities of the available professional teaching experience. Significant parameters of productivity in realizing the organizational and pedagogical conditions are educators' motivation on covering the programme and activization of self-education activities of officers in the sphere of educational practice.Key words: organizational and pedagogical conditions, variability didactic provision, military instructor, professional activity, professionally significant competences.


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Author: Muhamedina E.Zh.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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