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October 2015, № 10 (185)

Sviatokha N.Y., Filimonova I.Y. DEVELOPMENT OF ECOLOGICAL TOURISM IN PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS OF THE ORENBURG REGIONOver the last thirty years, eco-tourism received a wide circulation in many countries, particularly in Russia. National parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of different scales represent a promising market for ecotourism because of their natural and cultural specificity. However, despite the growing popularity of ecotourism in Russia, income from visits of protected areas in Russia is about 40 times lower than in Kenya, 300 times lower than in Australia and 1 000 times lower than in the US. The study and analysis of the network of protected areas of Russia in order to identify opportunities for their use of eco-tourism today is an urgent task. More than 13,000 protected areas of different levels were created in Russia, 367 of them are in the Orenburg region. The variety and uniqueness of the natural landscapes of the Orenburg region, the presence of a wide network of protected areas offer great opportunities for the development of ecological tourism. The authors propose to develop ecotourism in protected areas of various levels (federal, regional, local) and specialization (botanical, hydrological, geological and other profiles). Insufficient number of developed ecological routes in the region are noted in the article and also recommendations for further development of eco-tourism in these area are given. The authors summarize: the development on protected areas in the Orenburg region of eco-tourism will contribute to the formation of ecological culture and thinking, and will be an effective means of protecting nature.Key words: ecological tourism, Orenburg region, tourist and recreational sphere, protected areas.


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Authors: Filimonova I.Yu., Svyatoha N.Yu.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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