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September 2015, № 9 (184)

Sidorenko G.A., Popov V.P., Zinyukhin G.B., KhaninaT.V., Maneyeva E.Sh. ELECTROCONTACT BAKING OF THE BISCUITAlmost all kinds of pastries are baked by the radiation and convective way. Delaying and stopping of the pastry volume of the test preparation during baking result in the crust formation on the surface of the flour product. During traditional baking the activity of enzymes and various biologically active compounds decreases. Besides, over the high temperature the crust of the flour product accumulates the products of the fats polymerization, polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates, various oxide substances that reduces the nutrition and the biological value of the finished products. In this regard, baking ways, at which crust isn't formed, are of special interest. The influences of various parameters on the finished product quality and the process of electrocontact baking are also of interest, in particular the influence of various dosages of flour on the indicators of the biscuit quality, and also the temperature and the volume of the biscuit during baking. The change of the substances amount entering the compounding will allow to give an assessment to the prospects of this or that application for the biscuit. The traditional radiation and convective baking is characterized by the high-temperature impact on the baked preparation that leads to the decrease in nutrition and biological value of the products. Baking products by the electrocontact way it is possible to reduce the loss of the useful compounds that increases the nutrition and the biological value of the finished products. According to the researches of the technology of the biscuit making baked by the electrocontact way it was revealed that the increase in flour dosages intensifies the process of electrocontact baking for the biscuit. The increase in flour dosages leads to the increase in elasticity and the improvement of organoleptic and physical and chemical properties of the biscuit (the complex indicators increase of organoleptic and physical and chemical properties).Key words: electrocontact method of baking, biscuit, rheological properties, complex index of quality.


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Authors: Hanina T.V., Maneeva E.Sh., Zinyuhin G.B., Sidorenko G.A., Popov V.P.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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