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September 2015, № 9 (184)

Berestova A.V., Zinyukhin G.B., Maneeva E.Sh. FEATURES OF CRYOPROCESSING OF VEGETABLE RAW MATERIALSFast freezing is the best way of conservation and preservation of perishable vegetable raw materials. For optimization of parameters of this process and development of new ways of processing of raw materials it is necessary to reveal features of cryoprocessing of vegetable raw materials. The review of references showed that the existing technologies of cryoprocessing of vegetable raw materials assume use of freezing in an intensive stream of air and directly cryogenic method by means of coolants, biopreservatives and cryoprotectors. Receiving the high-quality cryoprocessed food is based on optimization of parameters of process of deep freezing, development of new ways of processing of raw materials for the purpose of receiving a semi-finished product or a ready-made product in the conditions of negative temperatures, without allowing phase transition of moisture to a liquid state, and also decrease in prime cost. An indispensable condition of preservation of commodity quality, a nutrition value and safety of production is observance of temperature conditions of a continuous refrigerating chain. Specific lines of cryoprocessing of vegetable raw materials are the following features: compliance to a certain look and grade, standard indicators on organoleptic, physical and chemical, structural and mechanical properties and indicators of safety; strict observance of technological parameters of production; technological processing of raw materials before freezing.Key words: vegetable raw materials, technological parameters, deep freezing, cryoprocessing, cryoconservation.


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Authors: Zinyuhin G.B., Berestova A.V., Maneeva E.Sh.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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