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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Khan J.S., Pankratyev P.V. ABOUT DIAMOND POTENTIAL OF THE WESTERN SLOPE OF THE SOUTHERN URALS AND THE SOUTH-EAST OF THE RUSSIAN PLATFORM (ON THE EXAMPLE OF ORENBURG REGION)Regional patterns of manifestations of diamonds and productive on diamond rocks (kimberlites, lamproites) all over the Western slope of the Urals, as well as single finds of diamond crystals in the Orenburg southern Ural mountains, has necessitated the consolidation and analysis of modern data on the diamond potential of the territory of the Orenburg region. By the authors based on the results of previous studies (Cherkasov V.L., Smirnov A.K., Tishchenko V.G.) diamondiferous rocks are divided into three groups: carbonate breccia-ultramafic, Intrusive rocks of ultrabasic composition, volcanic rocks of basic composition high magnesia content, as well as metasomatic altered varieties of these rocks, which petrochemically the diagrams lie in the fields of kimberlites or lamproites. When forecasting is of great importance complex set of direct and indirect search characteristics, confirming the validity of conclusions about the possible prospects of the territory of the Orenburg region for diamonds. The discovery of diamond deposits in the Urals and Central Urals raising (Kuvandyk and AI areas), and within Eastern edge of the Orenburg parts of the Russian platform indicated by the findings of diamond crystals, in Kuvandyk district (continental gold-bearing Sands of the Albian stage of the early Cretaceous, Quaternary alluvial sediments Central Ural uplift), etc. When forecasting the diamond potential also used the experience of Australian geologists and Arkhangelsk — aeromagnetic method of detecting volcanic pipes, which is quite applicable to geological conditions part of the Orenburg region covered by aeromagnetic survey in the scale 1:50 000. The analysis of available materials on the diamond potential of the Orenburg region shows that the Orenburg region is highly prospective for the discovery of diamond deposits.Key words: diamonds, kimberlites, lamproites, almazonosnosti, search signs, magnetic anomalies.


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Authors: Han I.S., Pankratyev P.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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