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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Ponomareva G.A. METALLOGENIC ZONING OF ORENBURG PART OF SOUTH URAL BY PLATINOID SPECIALIZATIONPrecious metals play an important role in science and the national economy. The increasing rate of consumption necessary to review the structure of the raw material base of platinum group metals and gold. Address this issue and the subject of this study, which attempts to investigate the regularities of spatial distribution of Pt, Pd, in association with Au and Ag over a wide area of Orenburg in the Urals. To solve this problem, analyzed samples from 17 industrial types of deposits of Orenburg region by a single method with the use of the author's patented method for determining this metals. The resulting array of data formed the basis of the interpretation of geochemical data, during which the parameters were defined platinum group specialization sulphide deposits (gold, copper massive sulphide, copper sandstones), deposits in the ultramafic complexes and established an independent distribution of palladium in this group metals, that allowed the use of the ratio of Pt/Pd at systematizing results, produce metal zoning studies for each of the above structural-material complexes and identify metallogenic zonation platinoid specialization geological and structural zones of the South Ural and specific industrial types of deposits and pre-assess the metallogenic potential of the territory through the use of innovative sources of precious metals.Key words: platinum-palladium ratio, precious metals specialization, metallogenic zoning.


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Author: Ponomareva G.A.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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