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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Muldashev А.А., Elizaryeva О.А., Маslova N.V., Galeeva А.Kh. SEED PRODUCTIVITY OF ALLIUM NUTANS L. (ALLIACEAE) IN INTRODUCTION AND REINTRODUCTION IN BASHKORTOSAN REPUBLIC Study of the biology of rare plants species is necessary to establish the reasons for their rarity and developing methods for their effective protection. Seed productivity (in particular, the realization seed potential) is the important indicator of vitality species in specific habitat. The results of the study of inflorescences seed productivity of rare species Allium nutans in artificial populations ex situ and in introduction in Bashkortostan Republic are presented in the article. A. nutans is species of South Siberian and North Kazakhstan. It is included in the Red Data Book of the Bashkortostan Republic (2011). Species is on the list of priority rare and endangered species of the steppe zone of Bashkortostan Republic need to special measures for their protection. The material for the study of seed productivity was collected in the Natural Botanical Garden "Gurovskaya gora" in Kushnarenkovsky district of Republic of Bashkortostan (where are reintroduced and studied in conditions close to nature more than 20 rare plants species) and in the nursery of rare and endangered plants of the Southern Urals located at the Botanical Garden in Ufa. The study showed that this species has a fairly high seed productivity. Indicators of seed productivity have high variability: amount flowers of inflorescences — 32—452, the potential seed productivity — 192—2 712 ovules, the real seed productivity — 135—492 plump seeds, coefficient of productivity (the ratio of real to potential seed productivity)  — 23,8—44,0 %. These data are consistent with earlier finding by us and other researchers on seed productivity in nature and culture. Conditions of reintroduction were acceptable for the receiving of seed. There is the increase of quantitative indicators of seed productivity of this species depending on the duration of the existence of the sample in experiences.Key words: Allium nutans, Red Data Book, rare species, seed productivity, introduction, reintroduction, protection.


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Authors: Elizaryeva O.A., Galeeva A.H., Maslova N.V., Muldashev A.A.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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