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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Berezina T.V., Savin E.Z. FEATURES GROWTH FRUIT CROPS IN THE BASIN OF URAL AND SAKMAR IN THE ORENBURG AND SAKMARSKY DISTRICTFruit crops are an integral part of the steppe and forest steppe regions. The first garden and parkland appeared in the region with the arrival of the first settlers here in the first half of the XVIII century. Most of introduced fruit crops quite successfully acclimatized in the territory of the Orenburg region. A significant impact on the safety and crop species have a microenvironment in which grow fruit and berry plants. In the basins of the Urals and in the Orenburg Sakmara and Sakmara areas were examined 19 areas of fruit plantations. At each site work was carried out as follows:  to consider the factors of the geographical environment, represented by the surveyed area (micro-relief, climate, availability of garden protection plants, the presence of a water source, soil cover);  to determine the species composition of plants and their cultural value class;  establish a link between the yield class plants and growing conditions;  to draw a conclusion about the suitability or fitness of each of the sites studied under fruit crops. According to the results of this work are set optimal conditions for the functioning of garden systems — a land located on the slopes of the south-east, north-eastern and eastern and northern areas reduces the likelihood of solar-frost burns, protected from cold winds by forests, mitigating actions northerly winds from the winter withers, with the close proximity of water sources, which mitigate the negative effect of low temperatures in winter and spring.Key words: garden, environmental conditions, water sources, Forest, position slopes, apple.


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Authors: Berezina T.V., Savin E.Z.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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