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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Belonovsky P.V., Vlatskaya I.V. AUTOMATION OF MONITORING OF GAS-DISTRIBUTING SYSTEMS SERVICE OF THE ORENBURG REGIONThe constant control and monitoring of its state is necessary for uninterrupted and accident-free supply of gas on all way of the gas pipeline. For this purpose it is required to automation of collecting, storage, the analysis and graphic localization of spatial data and attributive information. Special complexity is represented by this task for a network of gas distribution of the Orenburg region, extended and non-uniform on structure. This network includes 9 branches and 45 operational services and sites. The head office is located in Orenburg. For ensuring trouble-free and trouble-free operation the problem of development of GIS was solved. Organizational and technological tasks for a network of JSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Orenburg were considered. The problem of development of GIS for monitoring of technological survey of the gas pipeline was solved. The task included merger of various systems: monitoring of GRP and data of their configuration, telemechanics of SKZ, GLONASS/GPS of monitoring, database of a network of gas pipelines. The technical solutions satisfying to a number of criteria — personal GPS trackers and methods of systematization geo objects were found. The "System of Satellite Supervision over Mobile Objects" software product providing processing and data storage of monitoring and their display in gas distribution GIS in the Orenburg region is developed. The technology of programming of system included the MapGuide platform, the MSSQL database and the ASP.NET JavaScript programming languages. Possibility of drawing up reports on time of carrying out survey of the gas pipeline, viewing of the movement of the inspector, for detection of malfunctions of a tracker became result of introduction of system the program of control and diagnostics was developed, and the instruction on use of the software is also made. The system is introduced in operation since 2013. Daily the system analyzes more than 30000 GPS of points, rapprochement of the inspector with 1300 shutoff valves is defined, finding of crew on a survey route is established. Introduction of system increased discipline of work on technical inspection of gas pipelines, allowed to optimize a route configuration, revealed incorrect geo-information. Key words: geographic information systems, gas-distributing systems, monitoring of rounds, tracker.


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Author: Vlatskaya I.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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