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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Zakharov N.S., Rakitin V.A. COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF RELIABILITY OF CARS WITH DIESEL AND METHANE-DIESEL ENGINESRoad transport companies seek to increase their efficiency, in particular by reducing the cost of running vehicles. Type of fuel used by the vehicle may have a significant impact on the cost of transportation of goods, therefore analyzed the possibility of retrofitting trucks to work at a cheaper form of fuel — compressed and liquefied natural gas. Conversion of diesel vehicles to run on methane-diesel cycle has a number of problems, one of which decline of the reliability of methane-diesel vehicles. Currently, in the calculation of operating costs and the cost of transportation of cargos, is not taken into account the change in the reliability of methane-diesel vehicles and the calculation is made as for the diesel vehicles. In an experiment been compared diesel and methane-diesel vehicles in similar conditions. Actual the difference time between failures differ by more than a factor of 2 with reducing the reliability of the methane-diesel vehicles. Reducing the reliability of vehicles leads to additional operating costs, which increased by more than 35 %. The problem of the use of compressed or liquefied natural gas as an alternative and cheaper motor fuel for trucks requires further research in order to identify the change in the ultimate cost of transportation of cargos. Thus, the number of failures by vehicles with diesel and methane-diesel engines differ by more than a factor of 2, and changing of the reliability by methane-diesel cars affects the cost of transportation of cargos, not only on the cost of fuel, but also taking into consideration the increase in the cost of repair of these vehicles. It is proposed to take into account this effect when calculating the cost of running methane-diesel vehicles and the formation of the cost of transportation of cargos.Key words: cost, alternative fuel, gas equipment, flow failures, natural gas.


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Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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