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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Vorobiev A.L., Lukoyanov V.A., Kolchina I.V. PROCESS OPTIMIZATION OF THE AVERAGE COMMISSIONERS SERVICEES BY THE STANDERTIZATION METHODS BASED ON ANALYSIS PROCESS MODELThis article is devoted to the problem of formation traffic congestion on the big cities streets as a result of road traffic accidents (RTA) and to the possibility of surgical elimination of such traffic congestion consequences through the science-based using of the average commissioners institute. For this purpose the authors performed the decomposition of the average commissioner service process by means of functional modeling notation IDEF0 and defined the main stages of this process. Pareto analysis of statistical data on time intervals of the average commissioner service allowed to identify the most time-consuming and most severely influencing on the eliminating traffic congestion critical time stages of the service: the arrival on the scene of an accident and scheme accident recording / registration. A special place in the article takes the classification and ranking of the most common places of the traffic accident. These classification and ranking was carried out on the basis of traffic accidents statistical analysis in the Orenburg City. According to statistical data crosswalks, straight road sections and intersections were identified as most common places of traffic accidents. In accordance with the traffic regulations intersections, in turn, are classified into four types. Developed by authors traffic accident scheme sample forms are offered to reduce the time of the document registration. This solution will permit to unify the documentation system in the field of road traffic accident registration and to increase the reliability and reproducibility of the providing average commissioner service process. In conclusion, standardization of average commissioner service prospects are presented.Key words: average commissioners, formalization of road accident, functional modeling, typification, sample forms oh the road accident schemes.


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Author: Vorobyev A.L.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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