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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Verkhovodov A.A. INFLUENCE OF EXTERNAL POLLUTION OF A RADIATOR IN USE ON THE AERODYNAMIC RESISTANCE OF THE RADIATOR FAN BLOCK OF THE COOLING SYSTEM OF THE ENGINE OF THE CARIn this article theoretical and pilot researches by definition of influence of external pollution of aluminum radiators of a combined design of cooling systems of engines of cars in use on aerodynamic resistance as radiator, and radiator fan block in general are conducted. Expression for coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of a radiator of the cooling system of the engine of the car taking into account influence of parameters of its design, and also the formed pollution on surfaces in use is theoretically received. Influence of external pollution of a radiator on its aerodynamic resistance ΔР2 is experimentally studied. Results of researches showed that aerodynamic resistance in use owing to pollution of a radiator increases on 70–80 %. In parametrical and criteria forms dependences for the aerodynamic resistance of aluminum radiators of a combined design of tubular and lamellar type taking into account influence of term of operation, namely run of a radiator on the car are received. Aerodynamic characteristics of radiator fan blocks of ZAZ cars ("Tavriya" and "Slavuta") which were operated throughout 220 thousand km are experimentally received. The received dependences and characteristics allow to add mathematical model of power calculation of the cooling system of the engine of the car and to consider influence of external pollution of a radiator on work as radiator, and radiator fan block in general that will allow to receive the most correct values of a consumption of air which has to provide the fan, and power costs of its drive, and also to predict frequency of service of a radiator, without allowing to decrease overall performance of all system, including taking into account work of fan installation.Key words: car, engine cooling system, operation, pollution, radiator, fan, aerodynamic resistance.


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Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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