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February 2015, № 2 (177)

Gilazieva S.R. OPTIMIZATION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF NEW SOCIO-ECONOMIC RELATIONS Continuous education physical component represented by the contradiction between the level sufficiently high demands of society to the level of health, physical development and training of the working population. However, it is clear that the level and rate of solution of problems of organization of physical activity depend first and foremost on people, to final account of their physical culture, defining and understanding, and mochi-you, and installation on the action, real action to improve the state of Affairs in this sphere.Along with the problem of physical education is quite reasonable and logical statement of the problem physical rehabilitation for the General population of our country. Deploying a kind of "physical literacy" could be the beginning of a practical solution of this problem. Elimination of the gap between the social status of citizens and the creation of conditions providing the opportunity for citizens maintain a healthy lifestyle, regularly engage in physical activity throughout life. This should be one of the postulates of continuing education, i.e., the intertwining of professional physical education for extension of professional longevity. With the development of society sports activity is becoming more important, getting in people's lives, fulfilling an important social function. Sports activities is an important means of protecting and improving human health, physical to improve, rational form of organization of meaningful free time, by means of increasing social activity of people. Thus, the article identified the need for the formation of professional sports competence of adults in the system of continuous education. Based on the analysis of different viewpoints professional athletic competence is defined as a specific component of mesocale and physical culture of the individual, and as one of the characteristic indicators of the quality of the entire system of continuous professional education.Key words: physical education, continuous education, professional athletic competence.


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Author: Gilazieva S.R.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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