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2014, № 10 (171)

Yakubovich I.A., Kulakov A.T., Shafeev D.R. IMPROVEMENT OF KAMAZ-7403 ENGINES CHARACTERISTICS BY AUTONOMOUS SUPPLY OF OIL TO TURBOCHARGERS Results of bench tests of the KAMAZ-7403 engine with an oil supply are given to TKR 7N-1 turbochargers from autonomous system of oil supply. It is established that pressure increase to 0,7 MPa provides more intensive greasing and heat removal. Influence of increase of pressure brought from autonomous system of supply of oil to turbochargers of the engine on its parameters is estimated.Key words: motor tests, turbocharger, autonomous system of oil supply, bearing knot.


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Authors: Yakubovich I.A., Kulakov A.T., Shafeev D.R.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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