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2014, № 8 (169)

Ostrovenko T.K., Grebnev G.D. OPTIMIZATION OF THE ANALYSIS METHOD OF THE ECONOMIC SAFETY OF A BUSINESS AND ITS SUPPLYING WITH INFORMATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE POTENTIAL BANKRUPTCYMethodical aspects of the analysis of the economic safety of a business in modern economics and a problem of its investigation, based on new approaches to informational sources of analysis with a view to the earlier diagnostic of financial crisis and potential bankruptcy of the debtors are revealed in this article.Key words: economic safety, exchange relations, imperfection of the analysis method of the potential bankruptcy, insufficiency of the information analysis base, ways of the mobilization of the economic safety stock, ways of the realization of the debtors financial position.


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Authors: Ostrovenko T.K., Grebnev G.D.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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