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2014, № 2 (163)

Garayeva E.A., Kuznetsov V.V. NEGATIVE TENDENCIES OVERCOMING OF CHILDREN'S INVASION ON SPECIAL PROTECTION AGAINST DRUG CONSUMPTION The article considers the drug consumption problem by teenagers. The statistic data of mortality rates and disease incidence at drug addiction by children and teenagers during the last years in Russia are cited in the article. The authors present the main documents regulating the activity in the sphere of drug addiction and drug consumption prevention among children and teenagers. Key words: drugs, psychoactive substances, drug consumption by teenagers, pedagogical measures of antinarcotic prevention in educational sphere.


1. Perezhogin, L.О. Risk degree diagnosis of drug addiction formation among minors. The first prevention of drug abuse / L.О. Perezhogin. — М., 2007.

2. Prevention of psychoactive substances abuse. Collection of teaching materials on the problem of psychoactive substances abuse prevention among minors and young people. — М.: Academia. AMK and PRО, 2001. — 183 p.

3. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by resolution 44/25 of the UN General Assembly on November 20, 1989.

4. Presidential decree of June 1, 2012 № 761 "National strategy of actions on behalf of children in 2012-2017".

5. Prevention of psychoactive substances abuse in educational sphere / Edited by V.L. Belova. — М.: Narkonet, 2002. — 502 p.

6. Garayeva, Е.А. Health-saving technologies in vocational-pedagogical education: schoolbook / Е.А. Garayeva; Orenburg state univ-ty. — Orenburg: OSU, 2013. — 175 p.

7. Garayeva, Е.А. Pre-diploma pedagogical practice as a formation factor of research competence for Bachelors of vocational training // Education and Society. — 2013. — №2. — Pp. 46– 50.

8. Gladkikh, V.G. Targeted approach — new philosophy of educational institution management // Methodological foundation of liberal education: coll-n of scient-c papers / edited by G.G. Zeinalov; Mordov. state pedag. inst-t. — Saransk, 2012. — Pp. 55-59.

9. Kuznetsov, V.V. General and vocational pedagogy. Series "Bachelor" / V.V. Kuznetsov. — М.: AGVES, 2012. — 140 p.

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Authors: Garaeva E.A., Kuznetsov V.V.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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