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2014, № 1 (162)

Miazina N.G LAKE CASPIAN BASIN HER FRAME AND THEIR PRACTICAL VALUEIn the present work the basic laws of formation and placing brines Near-Caspian syneclises are considered. Are analysed paleogeografichesky conditions solenakopleniye in territory of a hollow and the role tectogeneses and galogeneza in formation of brines is shown. The characteristic of the basic geochemical and genetic types of underground waters and brines is given, their genesis is considered. The chemical compound of brines is resulted and possibility of their complex use in the balneal purposes or as hydromineral raw materials is considered.Key words: lakes, rapa, dirts. underground hydroarea, the North-Caspian artesian pool, Perm hydrochloric galogenez, brines, rather waterproof the sulfate-halogen thickness, a chemical compound and a mineralization, the basic geochemical and genetic types, polycomponental hydromineral and balneological raw material.


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Author: Myazina N.G.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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