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2014, № 1 (162)

Gurevitch K.G., Fesyun A.D., Suin P.A. TRANSVERSE PLATYPODIA OF PROFESSIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM AT THE INTERNAL ARMY AVIATION FLIGHT PERSONNEL OF RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRSThe indirect signs of the transverse platypodia possible development, the backgrounds to it's development and further progression at the considerable quantity of persons at the Internal Army aviation flight personnel of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs are revealed in the research paper conducted. The received data indicates the necessity of the purposeful complex examination of the pilots with the musculoskeletal system disease during the preparation for the annual medical examinations by medical flight committees.Key words: flight personnel, transverse platypodia, degenerative dystrophic changes, statistical deformation, foot's first ray hypermobility, Internal Army aviation of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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Authors: Gurevich K.G., Fesyun A.D., Suin P.A.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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