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2013, № 9 (158)

Afanasyev V.N., Baranov D.A., Vlatskaya I.V., Ichkineeva D.A. APPLICATION OF GRAFOSEMANTIC MODELING FOR THE ANALYSIS OF SUBJECT DOMAINS OF SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION AGENTS (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE JOURNAL "VOPROSY ECONOMIKI")The paper deals with the possibilities of method of grafosemantic modeling in relation to a problem of the analysis and assessment of subject domains of scientific production agents. As an example the articles from journal "Voprosy Economiki" for 2010–2012 (36 issues) are investigated. The main steps of grafosemantic model construction are described, the problems arising at modeling of subject domains of scientific production agents are considered. Some types of the analysis applicable to grafosemantic model are shown.Key words: grafosemantic modeling, modeling of subject domains, scientometrics, cluster analysis.


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Authors: Afanasyev V.N., Baranov D.A., Vlatskaya I.V., Ichkineeva D.A.

Year: 2013

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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