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2013, № 7 (156)

Yuzhaninova E.R. INTERNET: A NEW SPACE OF SELF-REALIZATIONThe article discusses several areas of positive self-realization on the internet: on the basis of social networking, through the creation of a virtual character, by experimenting with its own electronic double-ganger and creativity. We pay the attention to the spread of negative forms of self-realization on the Internet among the younger generation. It is proved that self-realization on the internet is not a substitute for self-realization in the reality, but in the aggregate it helps to the becoming persons to find themselves and their place in the world.Key words: self-realization, the Internet, the potential of the individual, communication, creativity, a false self-actualization.


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Author: Yuzhaninova E.R.

Year: 2013

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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