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2013, № 6 (155)

Shiryaev A.G. MORPHOLOGICAL VARIABILITY OF CLAVARIOID FUNGI' COMPLEX IN THE ZONE-SECTORAL GRADIENT OF EURASIAThe rules of morphological structure changing in the clavarioid fungi' complexes under zone-sectoral gradient have been studied. Works carried out on the latitudinal transect "Urals" and "hemiboreal zone of Eurasia" as a longitudinal. The group with coral-branched, big-forms from 4 till 20 cm high fruitbodies (morphological groups: Co-III,IV) is predominant in the areas with optimal ecological conditions, whereas, the pessimum areas are characterizing by club, simple, unbrunched and small-forms less than 4 cm high fruitbodies (Cl-I,II). Key words: biodiversity, Eurasia, clavarioid fungi, morphology, hemiboreal forests, transect, Ural.


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Author: Shiryaev A.G.

Year: 2013

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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