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2012, № 12 (148)

Solodkova E.G., Melikhova I.A. CORNEAL COLLAGEN CROSSLINKING SAFETY EVALUATION IN TREATMENT OF PROGRESSIVE KERATOCONUS BASING ON REMOTE POSTOPERATIVE RESULTSSafety and efficiency of two corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) techniques was brought to comparative analysis. CXL was performed in 25 patients with progressive keratoconus: 9 patients (9 eyes) underwent a conventional CXL; 16 patients (16 eyes) had a modified CXL which novelty consisted of a depth-metered deepithelialization performed by excimer laser with on-line pachymetry Schwind Amaris (Germany). UV-A exposure was made by means of "UV-X" device (version 1000) (IROC Inc., Switzerland). All patients were prescribed to wear silicon-hydrogel soft contact lenses until a complete epithelial recovery. Improvement of NCVA, BCVA, topographic parameters, pachymetric values along with integrity of endothelial cell density was registered in all the cases which allows concluding that both CXL methods are safe and effective. Key words: corneal collagen crosslinking, keratoconus.


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Authors: Melihova I.A., Solodkova E.G.

Year: 2012

Zhanna Anatolievna

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