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2012, № 9 (145)

Tretyak L.N. PROBLEMS CONTROL OF QUALITY BEERThe need of new control methods introduction of beer quality indicators is shown. Are offered: the expert variant of algorithm of the beer quality assessment on the flavor-aromatic "fingerprints" and on the biological value of ingredient structure; the special algorithm of chemical and analytical support of the new quality standard of the beer, available to factory laboratories, including new methods and means of an assessment of bio-element value of beer and its microbiological safety for the consumer; the algorithm of an assessment of beer quality for consistency control by the third party focused on an assessment of the hygienic characteristic of production.Key words: beer, quality indicators, quality control, algorithm of expert research; algorithm of the consistency assessment by the third party; algorithm of factory control; the modified test on invertase.


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Author: Tretyak L.N.

Year: 2012

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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