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2012, № 4 (140)

Gritsenko V.A., Zhurlov O.S., Andreychev V.V. ANALISIS OF INTERCONNECTION OF SERUMRESISTENCE AND PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF ESCHERICHIA COLI WITH THEIR ABILITY TO FORM BIOFILMSThe article includes materials about variability of 45 strains Escherichia coli from patients with infectious-inflammatory diseases of an urogenital tract and biliary ways to serumresistence, integral physico-chemical properties (hydrophobicity, electrokinetic potential — z-potential) and ability to form biofilms. Bacterial isolates forming biofilms and "biofilm" fraction of E. сoli are less resistant to bactericidal activity of serum and more hydrophobic, than isolates E. coli not forming biofilms, and cells from "planktonic" fraction was established. Key words: Esсherichia coli, biofilms, planktonic cells, serumresistence, hydrophobicity, z-potential.


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Authors: Gritsenko V.A., Zhurlov O.S., Andreychev V.V.

Year: 2012

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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