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2011, № 8

Semenov S.N., Bobrova V.V., Semenov K.M., Vasilyeva A.D. ON THE MODERNIZATION OF AGROINDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONIn the article the factors and the reserves for an increase in the effectiveness in competitive ability and modernization of agroindustrial production are examined. As the reserves the authors separate the accelerated integration and intensification. These processes must complexly and systemically cover functionall, productive, territorial-production, organizational-administrative and social-economic structures of Agro-Industrial Complex. Key words: innovation breakthrough, intensification, the steady development of the agribusiness, the reserves for an increase in the effectiveness.


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Authors: Semenov S.N., Bobrova V.V., Semenov K.M., Vasilyeva A.D.

Year: 2011

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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