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2010, № 12

Bikmetova E.R., Menshikova I.A., Ramazanova L.M., Ivanova G.V., Kamilov F.Kh. EFFECTIVENESS OF ACTIVITY OF ANTIOXIDANT VITAMINOUS PREPARATION ON METABOLISM OF BONE TISSUE AT CHRONIC INTOXICATION BY THE DICHLOROETHANE DURING THE EXPERIMENTChronic (during two months) dayly intoxication by the dichloroethane in the cumulative doze of 0,1 LD50 of mature white rats causes strengthening the processes of free-radical oxidation, reduction in the activity of the ferments of antioxidant protection and increase in the content of free hydroxiprolin in homogenates of the epiphyses of tubular bones. In the plasma of the blood of experimental animals the level S-bodypeptids of a collagen of the type I repeatedly increases with the constant activity of bone alkaline phosphatase. The treatment of animals by vitamin preparation "Triovit" during three weeks at the dose of 50 mg/kg in a 24 hour period against the background to intoxication by dichloroethane renders positive therapeutic effect on the exchange of the bone, reducing the intensity of chemiluminescence, the accumulation of the primary and secondary products of lipoperoxidation, strengthening the activity of fermentation antioxidants, suppressing resorptive processes.Key words: dichloroethane, intoxication, bone tissue, metabolism, antioxidants.


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Authors: Kamilov F.H., Bikmetova E.R., Menshikova I.A., Ramazanova L.M., Ivanova G.V.

Year: 2010

Zhanna Anatolievna

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