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2010, № 5

Kucherenko M.G., Kruchinin N.Yu., Chmereva T.M. KINETICS OF THE QUASI-STATIC QUENCHING OF EXCITED CENTERS, THE SURFACE LAYER OF SEGMENTS OF MACROMOLECULAR CHAINS IN NANOPORES AND IN THE VICINITY OF NANOPARTICLES We studied the kinetics of the radiationless transfer of electronic excitation energy between molecules, located inside the spherical nanopolosti filled macromolecular chains. The case was studied where the donor centers are located on the surface of the cavity, and the acceptor molecules attached to the chain segments. We built a mathematical model that takes into account the random variation of the conformation of macromolecules, which lead to modulation of the radius of the donor-acceptor pair, supported by molecular dynamic calculations. We studied also the cases of systems "reverse geometry" in the deployment of macrochains and reagents on the outer surface of spherical and cylindrical nanoparticles. Key words: energy transfer, nanocavity, nanoparticle, the conformation of macromolecules.


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Authors: Kucherenko M.G., Kruchinin N.Yu., Chmereva T.M.

Year: 2010

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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