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2015, №12(187)

Stepanov V.K., Marieva I.V., Isaeva O.V. THERAPEUTIC CORNEAL TRANSPLANTATION IN DESTRUCTIVE KERATOPATHY IN PATIENTS WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITISAuthors produced results of therapeutic corneal grafting on patients with destructive corneal pathology, which was associated with rheumatoid polyarthritis. There were 27patients (18women, 9men) aged from52 to82. Destructive processes looked like deep clean corneal ulcers. There were 14patients with uncovered descemet's membrane, 7patients had perforation of the cornea, 8patients had destructive corneal processes through 2–3months after cataract extraction with IOL implantation. We have made therapeutic lamellar keratoplasty by own technology in all of cases, because conservative treatment was ineffective. In 15patients we added to keratoplasty amniotic membrane covering and blepharorrhaphy, it allowed us check out these patients from the hospital on next day. In 23patients recovery happened after first surgery, in 4patients we have seen relapse disease in long-term period through 1–2months. In 2patients recovery happened after repeated surgery and in 1patient after third surgery. Corneal transplant has regenerated transparent in 12patients, half-transparent in 11patients and opacity cornea in 4patients. All patient's eyes were saved with vision function to0.1. In this way, the lamellar keratoplasty gave effective result with saving of eyes in all patients with hard destruction of the cornea, which was associated with rheumatoid polyarthritis. Amniotic membrane covering of corneal transplant and blepharorrhaphy allowed to use postoperative treatment outpatient with observing in the Eye hospital, it was comfortable for patients and was cost effective for hospital.Key words: corneal grafting, corneal pathology, rheumatoid polyarthritis.


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Authors: Murieva I.V., Stepanov V.K., Isaeva O.V.

Year: 2015

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