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August 2015, № 8 (183)

Lapaev S.P. PRIORITIES OF INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OF THE REGION IN THE IMPORT SUBSTITUTIONAn important role in the organization of import-substituting production plays an industrial complex in the region, which is a set of industrial enterprises located in the same area and work closely together. The basis of the development strategy of the industrial complex of the region are the national technology priorities. In terms of import prioritization of industrial development should be determined by the need for the production of the products in Russia, which previously came from abroad. For the development of import-substituting production should be established to work with the business community, to provide a set of incentives, provide financial assistance to such enterprises and to remove various administrative barriers. In addition, it is necessary to analyze the market of imported products in each sector of the economy with a view to establishing production in the region. It could play an active role "Corporation of the Orenburg region." It is also important to create regional institutions that contributed to the organization of import-substituting industries, such as the organization of a regional support center for import substitution (RTSPI), which will create a database of suppliers and customers. These units will assist the providers of domestic products look favorable orders, develop business plans, c. nduct technological and economic and financial expertise to organize the financing. An important area of improving the competitiveness of the regional industrial complex is to deepen industrial and trade specialization, innovation and the formation of a regional innovation system. Another important direction of development of industry — industrial clustering. In the Orenburg region develop oil and gas chemical, machine building, metallurgy, food processing clusters. The region effectively operates "Corporation of the Orenburg region", which seeks to implement the priority projects on the basis of public-private partnership.Key words: import substitution, production, integration of enterprises, a national center to support import substitution, the development of industry clusters Orenburg region.


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Author: Lapaev S.P.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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