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2011, № 12

Dostova T.M., Salnikova E.V. REMOVING THE AMOUNT OF RARE EARTH ELEMENTS BY INTEGRATED WASTE PROCESSING INDUSTRY ALUMINA URAL ALUMINUM PLANTEvery year more than one million tons of bauxite processing wastes at the alumina refineries come on sludge. These flood the tailings pond are the sources of pollution of surface and underground bases reservoirs, as well as a large dusty atmosphere. In practice, existing facilities are currently no alkaline waste recycled. At the same time wastes are promising sources of various compounds. Therefore the problem of integrated waste management facilities to the production of alumina products of chemical and metallurgical purposes is an important reserve for increasing production efficiency, both in the direction of rational use of raw materials and the preservation of our living environment.Key words: red mud, rare earth elements, sorption on the cation exchanger.


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Authors: Dostova T.M., Salnikova E.V.

Year: 2011

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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