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November 2017, № 12 (212), pages 48–50

Gorichev Ju.P., Davydychev A.N., Kulagin A.Yu. ABOUT THE PHYTOCENOTIC ROLE OF THE DARKNOUS SPECIES IN THE SOUTHERN URALSIn the Southern Urals, dark coniferous species of trees — Siberian spruce (Picea obovata Ledeb.) and Siberian fir (Abies sibirica Ledeb.) grow on medium-altitude mountains (the region of mountain taiga dark coniferous forests) and on low mountains in the western part (broad-leaved and dark coniferous forests) where they dominate in natural dark coniferous biocenoses. Regional ecological and biological characteristics of dark coniferous tree species and their phytocenotic characteristics are relatively poorly studied, stationary studies were conducted only on local sites. Very relevant is the study of the relationship of these species in biocenoses and the identification of their role in ecosystems. The research was carried out on the territory of the South Ural State Nature Reserve, which is located within two botanical and geographical areas — in the region of mountainous taiga dark coniferous forests and in the broadleaf and dark coniferous forests. Both areas were covered by in-patient and route-based research. As a result of stationary studies, indicators of phytocenotic activity of dark coniferous tree species (density of stand, timber stock, density of undergrowth), as well as their ecotopic areals have been determined. The results of the investigations make it possible to evaluate phytocenotic positions and phytocenotic activity of dark coniferous tree species in the Southern Urals. Studies have shown that in dark taiga forests dark coniferous trees actively participate in the process of forest formation, they form natural biocenoses in most ecotopes of the forest belt, as well as in a number of ecotopes above the forest belt. In broadleaf-dark coniferous forests, the participation of dark coniferous tree species in the process of forest formation is limited to only a part of ecotopic space, in a limited number of ecotopes Siberian spruce and Siberian fir dominate in natural forest communities.Key words: Southern Urals, dark coniferous species of trees, Siberian spruce, Siberian fir.


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Authors: Gorichev Yu.P., Davydychev A.N., Kulagin A.Yu.

Year: 2017

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-212-48

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