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July 2016, № 7 (195)

Yusupova O.V., Yamalov S.M. RELIC PETROPHYTIC STEPPE COMMUNITIES OF SOUTH URALS STATE NATURE RESERVE The results of investigations relic petrophytic steppe communities of South Urals state nature reserve are presented in the paper. Communities are the fragments of relic petrophytic-steppe vegetation on the base rocky exposures. They are located on rocky steppes near-river slopes and dry (usually pine) forests on the insolated south or south-eastern slopes of western part of reserve, mainly on the coastal rocks along Big and Small Inzer river. The dataset consists of 17 geobotanical releves made during 2014–2015. According to results of syntaxonomical analysis studied communities are classified as new association of Euro-Siberian steppe class Festuco-Brometea. It is allocated to meadow steppe Festucion valesiacae alliance (Festucetalia valesiacae order) and petrophytic steppe Centaurеnion sibiricae suballiance. Communities are located on the different parts of south slopes with high soil rockiness (45–90 %). Aizopsis hybrida dominates in the herbage. Such shrubs as Spiraea crenata, Cerasus fruticosa, Cotoneaster melanocarpus, Rosa majalis, Caragana frutex play an active role, but do not dominate. The significant part of coenoflora consists of petrophitic steppe species: Centaurea sibirica, Artemisia frigida, Thalictrum foetidum, Vincetoxicum hirundinaria, Allium rubens, which are presented with high constancy and abundance. There are 3 Red Book included species in the coenoflora: Astragalus clerceanus, Stipa pennata, Tulipa biebersteiniana. Such habitat features as south slopes locations in mountain-forest zone and lack of forest and meadow species competition are probably the organization factors of relic petrophytic steppe communities. The lack of grasing and as a result steppe shrubs (Spirаea crenata, Caragana frutex) overgrowing are the limited factors for these.Key words: relic petrophytic steppes, mountain-forest zone, syntaxonomy, South Urals state nature reserve.


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Authors: Yusupova O.V., Yamalov S.M.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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