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July 2016, № 7 (195)

Debelo P.V., Chibilev A.A., Yakovlev I.G. ECOLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES OF THE SHREW SPREAD (INSECTIVORA, EULIPOTYPHLA, SORICIDAE) IN THE URAL-CASPIAN REGIONZemleroykovye are one of the most ancient and, in too time, the prospering group of mammals. In the region dwelling of 10 types from which 4 look are krayearealny, noted only in several points where their modern stay demands confirmation is so far established. Specification also distribution demands kutor which area was significantly reduced in connection with anthropogenous transformation of habitats. Speschanny deserts have connected distribution of a skewbald putorak. From other representatives modern conditions are rather favorable only for evritopny, with universal ecomorphological type of the organization of the ordinary common shrew and tightly specialized small common shrew inhabiting ecoton communities. Rasprostraneniye and small белозубок even in general remains belobryukhy insufficiently studied and on a considerable part of the region it is only possible to speak about their distribution presumably. Specifications demand also biotopical preferences of these types. Everything noted complicates monitoring of this important group in the tsenotichesky relation and, respectively, development of recommendations about preservation of this interesting link in a region biodiversity. Key words: biodiversity, shrews, specific structure, distribution, number, risk of disappearance.


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Authors: Debelo P.V., Chibilev A.A., Yakovlev I.G.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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