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November 2015, № 11 (186)

Nesterova T.G. STYLISTIC MEANS OF EXPRESSION OF THE CONCEPT "WEALTH" IN ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN FAIRY TALESIn linguistic science the interest to a concept "Wealth" is caused by the interest to success and financial independence. The attitude towards wealth is the mental property of the person as this concept is included in many aspects of human life such as differentiation of social hierarchy of society; development of system of values of the individual. Stylistic implementers of a concept "Wealth" are a little investigated on material of the English and Russian author's fairy tales. For the comparative analysis we have taken extremely polar on the outlook authors O. Wilde and P. Bazhov. Eventful life of these writers was reflected in stylistics of their fairy tales and specifics of expression of a concept "Wealth". Means of expression were selected by method of continuous selection, they were systematized, their rate was defined. The task of a language expression of a concept "Wealth" in O. Wilde's fairy tales is carried out mainly by epithets. Along with simple, we noted the developed, compound, multistage epithets. Describing sufferings and a difficult life of poor people, O. Wilde changes style of a narration. Colorful epithets, comparisons and metaphors disappear from his language. He builds associations with Beauty, his descriptions have emotions of admiration. Specificity of a language expression of a phenomenon of wealth at P. Bazhov is caused by stylistic features of a metaphor which is the most frequent stylistic mean in his narrations. P. Bazhov uses different kinds of metaphors: complex in composition; metaphors with elements of a sneer, irony, word formation. The concept "wealth" in P. Bazhov's narrations is represented as the moderate prosperity got by honest work, serving for family life. Specific stylistic feature of narrations is playful and ironic style of the speech of the narrator — the old mine foreman, who uses a large number of dialecticisms, the archaisms transferring the attitude towards wealth of the working person. According to P. Bazhov the true wealth is creative human activity. Key words: concept, wealth, author's fairy tale, narration, stylistic means.


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Author: Nesterova T.G.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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