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November 2015, № 11 (186)

Chernishova E.B. TRIANGULATION STRATEGY OF PSYCHOLINGUISTIC STUDIES OF EVALUATIVE OPTION OF NUCLEAR ITEMS OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CONSCIOUSNESSIn modern science (geodesy, geometry, medicine, social psychology) to obtain the most complete knowledge of the object the method of triangulation is used. In psycholinguistics triangulation as a method of study of linguistic consciousness of a particular carrier of lingvoculture was used implicitly. The aim of our research is the conceptual reflection of this method in the simulation evaluation component Russian language consciousness. The research strategy used by us the analytical process is united around the triangulation. At the level of raw material the object of triangulation is sources of associative material, at the level of description — the quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, at the level of interpretation — the author's conclusions and existing results of such kind researches obtained by other scientists. This strategy has allowed to obtain the most complete view of the phenomenon under study — assessment.Key words: triangulation, research strategy, the research level, linguistic consciousness, the core of language consciousness, evaluative component of linguistic consciousness, the psychological structure of the meaning of the word, parameter of estimation of nuclear items of the linguistic consciousness.


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Author: Chernyshova E.B.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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