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October2015, №10(185)

Naumenko .., Sokolova .Y., Bibarceva E.V. CHARACTERISTIC SPECIFIC FEATURES TO BIND CADMIUM TREES CITY OF ORENBURGIn this article the problem of specific feature of bodies of wood plants (leaves and bark) of the city of Orenburg is considered to accumulate cadmium. The main way of intake of cadmium to trees of the city of Orenburg is not the root, but foliarny way, and the main source of cadmium for trees of the city of Orenburg is an atmospheric precipitation. The total coefficient of biogeochemical activity showed that kadmiysvyazyvayushchy ability is higher at wood plants from the area with low cadmic loading that testifies to inclusion by trees from areas with high loading cadmium of the physiological barrier mechanism. The content of cadmium in leaves and bark depends on a species of wood plants and level of anthropogenous pollution and exceeds maximum concentration limit at a birch warty (Betula pendulaL.) and poplar black (Populus nigraL.) from the area with authentically high level of pollution by cadmium of the soil and a snow cover. The content of cadmium in leaves and bark of other studied species of wood plants meets standard. The vidospetsifichnost of ability of wood plants to cadmium accumulation which is reliable above at a birch warty (Betula pendulaL. is revealed.). A specific number of trees on ability of leaves to connect cadmium following: birch warty (Betula pendulaL.)> poplar black (Populus nigraL.)> elm fine-leaved (Ulmus pumulaL.)> ash-tree ordinary (Fraxinus excelsiorL.). For gardening of an urban environment of Orenburg it is expedient to use a birch warty (Betula pendulaL.) as a look capable to high accumulation of cadmium in elevated bodies, and capable to absorption of cadmium not only from the soil, but also from atmospheric air.Key words: cadmium, heavy metals, trees, city.


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Authors: Bibartseva E.V., Naumenko O.A., Sokolova O.Ya.

Year: 2015

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