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September 2015, № 9 (184)

Mavrin E.A. PARAMETRIC SYNTHESIS OF THE ANNULAR THIN-LAYER APPARATUS FOR PASTEURIZATION OF MILKIn modern economic conditions the huge amount of the alloyed and non-ferrous metals is spent for production of the heatexchange equipment. The excess weight and dimensions bring a lot of trouble and expenses. The multiton design requires the big area under installation, the reliable basis, purchase of the additional load-lifting equipment and the price of the heat exchanger always remains unfairly high. Therefore at design of the heatexchange equipment the designer has to proceed from requirements of minimization of the mass-dimensional sizes. In dairy production dimensional pasteurizers are applied to pasteurization of liquid dairy products. One of widely applied пастеризаторв are tubular, to perspective among which carry the ring thin layer. Such pasteurizers has advantage before kozhukhotrbny and lamellar, in particular, instantly heat the heat carrier due to the milk movement by a thin layer. However in scientific literature practically there are no researches of ring thin layer pasteurizers. In this regard actual is a problem of search of new constructive decisions and development of the methods of calculation allowing to reduce the weight and dimensions of the heatexchange equipment. In this article the equations of preservation of weight, an impulse and energy which are applied at the description of figurative properties of the twirled streams in channels of difficult geometry are first considered. Creation of mathematical model on the basis of procedure of averaging led to their simplification. Secondly, the complex of parameters of effect of process of transfer of thermal energy on which is determined parametrical optimization of working parameters of the ring device was performed. The prototype of the ring thin layer device, based on use of the twisting devices for a heat exchange intensification is thirdly offered. Fourthly optimum design data of the ring thin layer device are determined. Result of the ring thin layer device developed by the author, protected by the patent Russian Federation No. 98555 the milk allowing to pasteurize the equipment of smaller dimensions and metal consumption in comparison with analog.Key words: heat transfer; metal; modernization; mathematical model; parametric synthesis.


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Author: Mavrin E.A.

Year: 2015

Zhanna Anatolievna

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